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November 7, 2020
The power of Camera APIs and OpenGL all together

Are you using the best out of your device camera and GPU in your app? Do you know how camera frames are drawn on the screen? …

July 26, 2020
Low Level Design : Tic-Tac-Toe

System designing is the process of designing system elements such as architectures, modules, components, different interfaces of those components. Its the process of defining the lowest level entities in a software. …

July 11, 2020
How can I migrate my Android code from Java to Kotlin?

In continuation of the previews session for Google Accelerator program on the topic Java or Kotlin. what do you use? today we are going to look at how can you migrate the codebase from java to Kotlin and what are the common mistake made by developers while doing the same. …

June 6, 2020
Java or Kotlin, What do you use?

Kotlin is something which was introduced as an official language for Android development in Google I/O 2017. Since then it has grown and evolved a lot. …

May 30, 2020
Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Concepts

Object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts are something which are fundamentals of any Object-oriented programming language. These concepts give you the power to structure your code in such a way that it’s well optimized, reusable, efficient, future proof and much more. …

August 4, 2019
Cut your APK Size with features on demand

Do APK or app size matters? Does a user think about the APK size before downloading it? Does a user think about space, an app occupying on the phone? …