In continuation of the previews session for Google Accelerator program on the topic Java or Kotlin. what do you use? today we are going to look at how can you migrate the codebase from java to Kotlin and what are the common mistake made by developers while doing the same.

Developers know the benefit of Kotlin over Java for Android app development but they hesitate to try it or even sometimes doesn’t know how to start using it in their existing code base. It is very easy to start with at the same time you don’t have to migrate the entire codebase in one shot. Instead, you can start writing new features using Klotlin and once you are familiar with Kotlin, you can slowly start the migration of older code.

  • How easy it is to migrate my codebase from Java to Kotlin?
  • What all tools are available to do the same?
  • How Android studio can help me?
  • Do I need to change the entire codebase in one shot?
  • What things I should be taking care of while migration?
  • WWhat are the common mistakes made by developers while migration?
  • What about the new feature development and the release process currently going on?
  • Should your product managers be worried about this migration?

Let’s try to understand how can we start using Kotlin in existing code base effeciently.

This topic was presented remotely as a part of Android Bootcamps part of Google for Startup Program on 11th July, 2020.