Kotlin is something which was introduced as an official language for Android development in Google I/O 2017. Since then it has grown and evolved a lot. It has multiple benefits and on top of everything, it’s really easy to use.

Its been three years, still devs or some companies hesitate to use it.

  • What is Kotlin?
  • How can it benefit your startup?
  • Why devs resist themselves moving from Java to Kotlin language?
  • How easy Kotlin is in terms of learning?
  • How Kotlin can make their life super easy?
  • Why android devs should at least try once before saying NO?
  • How can they start using it today in their existing codebase itself?

Let’s try to understand what are the benefits as well as challenges faced by devs while using Kotlin, and how can we overcome those challenges?

This topic was presented remotely as a part of Android Bootcamps part of Google for Startup Program on 6th June, 2020.