Why Map does not extend Collection interface?
Collections in any language is an interface that stores similar data type objects and provides an iteration functionality. The common extensions of Collection are List and Set. The Map is a well-known data structure used to store key-value pairs where keys will be unique. read more
23 Apr 2021
Variable vs Object vs Reference
Variables are named storage of any primitive data type. Objects are variables of non-primitive data types or user-defined classes. A reference is nothing but a pointer pointing to the object. read more
04 Dec 2020
Low Level Design : Tic-Tac-Toe
System designing is the process of designing system elements such as architectures, modules, components, different interfaces of those components. Its the process of defining the lowest level entities in a software. It is the backbone of any software. read more
26 Jul 2020
Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Concepts
Object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts are something which are fundamentals of any Object-oriented programming language. These concepts give you the power to structure your code in such a way that it's well optimized, reusable, efficient, future proof and much more. read more
30 May 2020