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October 5, 2023
While and Do-While Loop in C++

Loops are fundamental constructs in programming that allow us to repeat a block of code multiple times. In C++, two commonly used loop structures are the while loop and the do-while loop. …

October 3, 2023
For and Foreach Loop in C++

When it comes to repetitive tasks in programming, loops are a powerful and versatile tool that can simplify your code and make it more efficient. …

October 1, 2023
Forward Declaration in C++

In C++, `forward declaration`` is a powerful tool that allows you to declare the existence of various entities before providing their full definitions. …

September 22, 2023
Enum vs Enum Class in C++

In C++, enumerations (enums) are a powerful tool for creating named sets of integer constants. They help improve code readability and maintainability by providing meaningful names to numeric values. …