Open Source Contribution

Android Components (33 Components)

Below animations/loaders were published as android components in JCenter and Maven which can directly be plugged into any android app and use. The source code for every component is also publicly available in the respective GitHub repository. Please note that the recorded gifs below have fps limitation but the actual animations are smoother than the recorded gifs.

Contribution to Public Repositories


CameraView is a well documented, high-level library that makes capturing pictures and videos easy, addressing most of the common issues and needs, and still leaving you with flexibility where needed.

My contribution to this public repository was the implementation of live filters using fragment and vertex shaders on the previewing and capturing of camera feed on openGL surface view.

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Complexity Based Solutions

Complexity Crunch

Solutions for time and space complexity based data structure problems.

‘ComplexityCrunch’ is a public github repository in which solutions for time and space complexity based data structure problems were provided. We are delighted to invite other developers to contribute to the same or suggest any change in any existing problem if they can solve in a better complexity.

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